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What is Technical SEO

Technical SEO is what allows search engine spiders to better index your website and search results. Websites with certain technical characteristics are given preferential treatment by search engines in the search results.  Technical SEO services are done to ensure that it has these elements, such as a secure connection, a mobile-friendly website, and a quick load time.

Why is Technical SEO Important?

technical seo services

User requirements have drastically changed over the years, and search engines are now more sophisticated. 3.5 billion smartphones are now in use across the globe, according to Statista. Increasing smartphone usage caused Google to launch an algorithm update that gives the importance of speed and mobile experience in ranking web pages.

These days, sites with a poor structure, slow load time, or awkward redirects can be penalized by Google. If not fixed properly, these technical SEO issues can cause a steep drop in search rankings and organic search traffic. 

A decline in ranking could be detrimental for your business since top organic search results receive close to 35 percent of click-throughs.

Make technical SEO your first step in creating a better search experience

Technical SEO is a crucial component of search engine optimization (SEO), and you must learn what it entails and how we can use it to conform your website to search engine guidelines and industry standards.

Technical on-page SEO includes several components: 

  • Site/Page Speed
  • SSL
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Robots exclusion (robots.txt)
  • XML sitemap status
  • Content quality
  • Structured data markup (schema)

 Your site’s online performance relies heavily on these factors. Google claims that a 10-second delay in page load speed can result in a 123 percent higher bounce rate. 

If a mobile page loading time is one second late, the conversion rate of a mobile page drops by 20%, the page view rate drops by 11%, and customer satisfaction drops by 16%.

Be proactive rather than waiting until technical SEO issues adversely impact your site’s SEO. 

Learn more about technical SEO and its significance to your business by scheduling a call with our technical SEO consultants.

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Digital Dibs Technical SEO Services for Small Business

Today’s digital landscape is so competitive that you need to stay on top of the latest algorithm updates and technical SEO techniques to boost your website’s profitability. Having a technical understanding of SEO will help you ensure that your web pages are optimized for both users and search engine spiders.

Technical SEO Audit

We perform a comprehensive SEO technical audit to identify and fix your website’s technical SEO issues. By looking at your website’s technical details you can gain insights into its performance and identify opportunities to improve it. 

An audit by our technical SEO team covers several key aspects, including(but not limited to):

  • Mobile performance
  • Duplicate content
  • Indexation
  • Crawl Analysis
  • Robots.txt
  • Redirects
  • XML Sitemap
  • Page speed
  • Image Optimization
  • Internal links
technical seo audit

Speed & Image Optimization

Images that are too big slow down your site and keep visitors away. 

Using the right file format, optimizing alt attributes, reducing the size of images, and maximizing image optimization plugins, our specialists can help you optimize your images.

Meta Data Analysis

You can gain more traffic and improve your online visibility by adding meta tags that describe your page content effectively to web visitors and search engines. These include optimizing your meta descriptions, title tags, alt attributes, etc. By maintaining the integrity of your metadata, we ensure that your SEO performance will not be severely hindered.

competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis

Get a complete overview of your competition’s optimization tactics and determine your conversion opportunities. 

During our research, we gather insights on national and local competitors simultaneously while looking at a variety of checkpoints, including:

  • SEO & PPC strategies
  • Keywords
  • Rankings
  • Backlink Profile

While this list is not exhaustive, these processes allow us to create strategies that will provide you with a distinct advantage in your respective niche market.

Penalty recovery

For years, our experienced SEO team has helped recover the reputation of countless websites that have been negatively impacted by an SEO company not following best practices, or that fell off the page without knowing the reason.

In order to help you recover from an algorithm error, our search engine optimization experts use Google Search Console to identify what sort of penalties affect your website, evaluate your backlink strategy, and resolve variations of original web pages and content as crawled by Google. Also, your redirects will be tested to ensure they work correctly.

seo penalty recovery
schema markup service

Structured Data Markup (schema)

With schema markup, you can make it easier for search engines to crawl, understand, and display your content. Our team will highlight your page elements, assign data tags, write the HTML code, and add schema markup. 

Using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool, our team checks your markup and diagnoses any issues. A structured data vocabulary (schema.org) helps your website’s content be understood by search engines. Improved search results will prove beneficial to your business — they’ll take your company to the next level!

Keyword Research

Your SEO strategy revolves around keyword research. 

Learn how to properly use keywords throughout your website based on current industry trends and consumer trends. 

During a website audit performed by our SEO specialists, we analyze your niche and optimize with top-performing SEO keywords.

Backlink Analysis

We analyze each backlink in your profile to determine from where it originated, where it is directed, and what pages it targets.  We perform backlink analysis to ensure you acquire links from reputable and trustworthy websites.

Different backlink data sources allow us to identify your referring domains, check the authority of those domains, and determine how many social shares they’ve received. By conducting a total backlink analysis, link-building opportunities can be identified, which serve as a starting point for off-page search optimization strategies.

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