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SEO for Small Businesses: Effective strategies to increase sales

Are you looking for a way to generate more customers?

If you’re struggling to find new leads, it’s time to start thinking about SEO. It doesn’t matter what industry your small business is in, or how big or small it is – search engine optimization can help you get found by potential customers online.

Many owners are starting to realize the importance SEO for small businesses and how it relates to their overall marketing strategies. SEO can help them reach new customers, increase sales, and grow their online presence. But SEO is more than just keywords; it’s actually a very important part of your website design that should be taken seriously.

In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of SEO for small business owners and how you can achieve success with SEO campaigns, whether doing it yourself or hiring an SEO company to do it for you.

Why SEO is important for small businesses?

seo for small businesses

Small business SEO is important because it drives targeted traffic to your website. SEO helps increase the chances that someone will be able to find and connect with you online, which can lead them straight to a sale. Being able to reach instantly connect to your customers is becoming more and more important.


Google is the most popular search engine in the world, but it’s not the only one. When you’re evaluating SEO options for your small business, think about which words people might use to find what you offer (i.e., “shoe store,” “pizza delivery”) or where they could be looking for a solution to their problem (“dieting”). If that sounds complicated—it doesn’t have to be! There are plenty of tools out there that can help identify keywords related to your industry and tell you how often those keywords are searched every day, month by month over time.

What kinds of businesses need local SEO?

Every business could use SEO, but some need it more than others.

What if you have a shoe store in the suburbs, or you’re an accountant? How do people find your business currently?

What if you’re just opening your business and want to build a brand?

What if you work from home but need help with marketing or are looking for clients?

Local SEO is the answer.

A lot of small businesses don’t realize they should be using it, which means there’s plenty of growth potential! In fact, one study showed that less than half of small-to-medium size online retailers use local SEO despite its significant profitability benefits.

Here’s why: Localized search engines such as Google Maps provide specific information about locations in their results pages. For example, when someone searches “pizza” on Google Maps (or other search engines), a map will show up with all the nearby pizza joints so people can find and order their pizza immediately.

Now imagine they are searching “your service” + “city”.

Do you show up?

What about “your service” + “state”?

What if they are searching for a more specific term like, “DUI lawyer near me”

It’s not just brick-and-mortar stores that can benefit from this strategy.

Consider the following:

A web designer who has clients all over the country could offer them help with their site optimization in order to boost rankings on Google Maps. This will provide higher ranking results when people are looking for services provided by them. It doesn’t matter where you live or what city you work in, whether it be NYC, Los Angeles, San Diego, or any other place around the world; every business can benefit from SEO.

small business seo

What are the best ways to get started with SEO?

How does your website rank in Google? If it’s not on the first page, you’re leaving money on the table. Small business SEO is a tricky thing to master and can be time-consuming. But if you want to get more customers, then it’s worth taking some time to understand how to get started with small business SEO.

The best way to get started is by starting small and building on your knowledge step-by-step. What are some of the best ways that you can start?

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing your site to act as a welcoming environment for search engine crawlers who want to index and promote it. 

For example, if you were personifying these bots that crawl websites in order to rank them on Google’s search results then we would say they are looking for pages with fast load times, working links, and secure content when deciding which sites deserve a promotion. 

These technical aspects from an algorithm’s point of view can make or break whether their “judgment” goes towards promoting your website or not so extending this analogy with our human logic should show us why technical SEO is such an important aspect!

Technical SEO includes making sure each webpage loads quickly enough; has functional hyperlinks pointing back; has an SSL certificate installed to create a secure environment for your site’s content, and many other small necessities that are often overlooked.

On-page SEO optimization, proper header tags (H1, H2, etc), meta descriptions are other factors a search engine will look for.

This sounds like a lot, but don’t worry! There are tools available that can find areas of your small business website that need improvement. SEO audit tools are great or you could find a local digital marketing company or freelancer to audit your site and recommend any fixes.

Local Keyword Research

Keyword research is a crucial step in any local SEO campaign. It’s important to know which keywords your potential customers are searching for. There are SEO tools available to help you find keywords your target customers might be using. This will ensure that you’re targeting the right words and phrases in SEO campaigns for small businesses.

Keep it Local

Local keywords, like “your service” + “city” are the best to target.

So, instead of targeting “website design,” you may want to target “website design dallas”.

Google My Business

Setting up and optimizing your Google My Business will allow search engines to show your small business in maps, keyword searches, and more.

Google My Business will also allow you to get reviews from customers which helps boost SEO! Utilizing GMB properly can increase organic traffic and SEO rankings. Local customers will be able to see your digital footprint which also builds trust and authority.

local seo

How can you make sure your website is up-to-date and optimized for search engines?

As a small business owner, the last thing you want to do is spend time figuring out how to show up on Google search results. Sometimes hiring a local SEO agency is the best option to save more headaches down the road. Their sole intent is to help small business owners create a digital presence that drives new customers and generates profits.

Having a fully optimized company website is important for search engines to understand what your site is about. A solid local business SEO strategy is essential to driving website traffic and converting customers.

This is why keyword research is so important. Your small business should be using keywords in your title, meta descriptions, and content. Knowing what words to use will help you rank higher on local searches.

Local Directories

Being listed on directories is another great way to get your business noticed and helps in the link-building process. Any small business SEO strategy should always involve getting placed on as many directories as you can.

Local directories are a great way to get your website indexed and noticed by search engines, as they give you an opportunity to customize your listing and add all of your social profiles, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This will not only help bring in new visitors but also ranking higher on Google’s SERPs because it increases relevancy between the searcher and searched pages!

Social Media

Social media is a great way to stay connected to your potential customers and reach them directly.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are a great way to get noticed by customers who may have never heard about you before! Having social media accounts for your small business will help send “signals” to search engines which in turn can help give a boost to your small business in google search.

Tips on how to promote your business online through social media, blogging, and other channels

A good local SEO strategy must encompass all digital channels. This helps provide relevance and authority to local businesses.

Content can come from various sources like a blog post, social media updates, advertisements found online or offline as long as it’s original and provides value. Quality over quantity should always be the focus of any marketing campaign with small business SEO implemented into it. It may take more time but do so will result in better quality backlinks which could help improve rank faster.

Guest Posting

Guest posting can also help bring in relevant backlinks (backlinks are the number of links that point to your website from other websites).

Guest post on a relevant blog in your niche. Make sure it’s high quality and adds value to their site by providing content they can’t publish themselves. Don’t just promote yourself or spam them with keywords! Reach out directly to bloggers who share similar interests as you

Use LinkedIn Groups and find someone who would be interested in publishing guest posts related to your small business.

Another option would be to sign up for Help A Reporter Out (HARO). This is an excellent way to get press mentions and citations because you’re publishing content that’s relevant to the reporter’s articles.

local search engine optimization

Small business SEO tips

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations.

Here are a few more small business SEO tips any local businesses can start implementing now.

Calls to Action

Does your site have a clear call to action? Book now, Call now, etc?

Do you have a form on each page that can capture a lead?

Having a clear call to action for a potential customer to take is important in converting.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an important feature that will tell you how your site’s doing with data such as visits, bounce rates, referrals, pages viewed, and more.

Did you set up a form to capture incoming customers?

Use google analytics to track how many visitors actually converted (completed the form or made a phone call)

These are important measurable actions every small business should be keeping track of.

Google Search Console

Google search console can give insights into which relevant keywords each page is showing up for. Knowing where your organic traffic is coming from and for which keywords is essential to small business SEO.

GSC also reports any errors your pages may be experiencing and gives advice on how to fix the issues.

It can also be used to monitor your link-building efforts if you don’t have a budget for those fancy SEO keyword research tools.

Wrapping up SEO for small businesses

You’ve been reading about how important SEO for small businesses is, and now it’s time to take action.

We want you to be successful with your small business online, so we’re providing some of our best tips on what you should do to get started right away!

If you have any questions or need help setting up a small business SEO strategy that will drive more traffic to your website and increase sales opportunities then give us a call at (412) 801-7511.

Digital Dibs specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) for small businesses like yours! Our SEO company will drive organic traffic and converting customers for you!

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